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This is my recording of a song Dick Langford (DWL) and I wrote by bouncing lyrics back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean via e-mail.
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TEMPTATION [Langford/Smith]

Last night I woke up at one eleven
I did it again at two twenty two
Eyes wide open at three thirty three
At four forty four I was walking the floor
At five fifty five my mind started playing devilish tricks
And now I’m worried when I wake up the clock will say it’s six sixty six

I’m tempted by the size of the serving
How am I ever going to lose weight?
I’m tempted by the retinal screen and all the buttons I can push
Everywhere I touch there’s temptation
I’m tempted by her lavender lipstick
I’m tempted by my artistic inclinations
Would it be a sin if I gave in?
Everywhere I look there’s temptation

At 7:07 I finished off dinner
At 8:08 I locked the gate
At 9:09 I uncorked the wine
By 10:10 I was done in
By 11:11 those diabolical thoughts started appearing in my brain
Now at 12:12 I’m worried it’s going to start over again
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tempie said 953 days ago (December 7th, 2016)
This has a They Might Be Giants feel. I agree it's tough to shut down the brain occasionally. I was just thinking that kindle books are so easy to buy/carry that I'm now reading five or six at once all the time and it's wearing me out. Sometimes I'll read a couple of pages and switch books, read a couple of pages and switch again - that can't be a good way to retain information. Anyway fun song, enjoyed and related to it.
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Warren Smith said 952 days ago (December 7th, 2016)
I like to keep multiple books going at the same time. That way, if one isn't grabbing me, I'll turn to another one. In general I read by location. I have my bedroom book, my bathroom book and the one I carry with me wherever I go - which is on my iPhone. I don't know what the ratio has become between digital and print, but I probably read more digitally simply because it gives me more opportunities to read (like when I'm stuck in a slow moving line at the grocery store and I pull out my phone and read a few more paragraphs). I used to feel that if I started a book I needed to finish it. Now, if a book hasn't engaged me by 75 pages into it, I toss it aside and move on to another. Too many books to read .. not enough time!
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PeterB7858 said 953 days ago (December 7th, 2016)
The sleep/wake time references strike a strong chord. I often wake up at exactly the same times night after night. How does that work???? Great use of a numerical hook. Fun tune but frighteningly true, as well. Like this. Thanks.
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Warren Smith said 952 days ago (December 7th, 2016)
Sleep patterns of the rich and famous
I'm always amazed to think I spend a third of my life asleep. It's rare for me now to sleep a solid six or seven hours straight through. It seems most nights I'm reaching for the phone (which now doubles as my alarm clock) to see what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night. Often more than once. But one thing hasn't changed: morning still arrives sooner than expected : )

The numbers game was the fun part of writing this song. The challenge was to develop a different formula for the first and last verses so it didn't simply repeat the same idea.
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Vic Holman said 952 days ago (December 7th, 2016)
i see what you guys did there
with the number sequence... crafty.

cool "dear diary" song that satisfies the temptations. the added keyboard is nice touch
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Warren Smith said 951 days ago (December 9th, 2016)
If the numbers add up.
Well .. you know how modern life is totally ruled by the clock : )

One of the reasons we write and record songs (you know this) is because it's often amazing where a simple idea ends up taking you.
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Dadai.2 said 950 days ago (December 9th, 2016)
Finally a song...
about something I can relate to


Very well done. Double kudos and admiration for the talents that went into this fun and well done tune.
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Warren Smith said 949 days ago (December 11th, 2016)
Resisting temptation
As Oscar Wilde noted about temptation .. resistance is futile. I'm glad I (we) have written something you can relate to : )
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Philip18 said 950 days ago (December 10th, 2016)
Entertaining song and arrangement. Good one, Warren!
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Warren Smith said 949 days ago (December 11th, 2016)
Taking the time
I (We) appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment, Philip. Especially at such a busy time of year (the Year-end Holidays) when there are multiple entertainments vying for your attention.
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Bob Rodgers said 949 days ago (December 11th, 2016)
like the artwork and I love the song!
Great lyrics and very clever with the numbers. I try not to let the clock rule my life if poss, always approx my arrival time :-)
Good to hear you do another collab with Dick and very inventive composing of a fine tune.
Very much enjoyed!
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Warren Smith said 948 days ago (December 12th, 2016)
It's all in (on) the wrist
So .. as you approximate your arrival time .. that must mean you aren't one of those guys that sets his wristwatch five minutes ahead in order never to be five minutes late. I used to do that. Now I don't wear a watch because I rely on my smartphone to give me the time .. and that time is fixed. (Also - having freed myself from the wristwatch - I can't see getting an Apple watch because that would seem like a step backwards.) Thanks for the visit.
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egobandit said 948 days ago (December 12th, 2016)
emailed lyrics
gotta love that thoughts can be shared across oceans, like the singing in this , sometimes there is no other choice but temptation! :)
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Warren Smith said 947 days ago (December 13th, 2016)
Digital litter
It used to be that lyrical ideas would pile up in notebooks and on scraps of paper. Now it's the digital files on my smartphone, my desktop computer and my e-mail cache that's littered with song ideas. Every once and a while .. something actually gets completed. It's tempting to read something into this .. but I'm going to resist doing that : )
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Dean-Resonator said 940 days ago (December 20th, 2016)
Out if time?
I love it when you two guys get together and record. Always a joy to listen to. I can really relate to this song as well. Yep, 4.30am every morning, I'm awake. It is strangely coincidental how many people here seem to have sleeping disorders though. You could read something into that.
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Warren Smith said 926 days ago (January 3rd, 2017)
Time at full throttle
Sleeping disorders are probably an unintended product of the Industrial Revolution. It seems no matter how early one turns it - morning always gets here too quickly : )

Your comments are appreciated .. and some day I hope to be able to respond to one of your songs. (Unlike morning .. that moment is taking forever to get here!)
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jiguma said 933 days ago (December 27th, 2016)
Classic W.S.
You have a totally individual style Warren - and clearly also a recording device somewhere in my house ;)
Lots of fun and a great way to spend 3:34.
Cheers from Oz - best wishes for 2017!
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Warren Smith said 926 days ago (January 3rd, 2017)
Watch out ...
You never know who might be spying on you!

Not me. But I have started listening to your latest album .. so at least I have been observing your artistic endeavors.
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