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Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)

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This is the same Bryn drone project piece as before, with everything the same, but the drone tone dropped out.

I recommend listening to this over headphones.
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Uploaded: Nov 18, 2017 - 09:44:44 PM
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iMac, MacBook Pro, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, Fender American Ash Telecaster, Danelectro electric 12-string, Ibanez bass, Neumann TLM 102 microphone
paul f. page said 704 days ago (November 18th, 2017)
Mellow vibe...
This instrumental track has such a mellow sound to it, comfortable on the ears (and the psyche) right from the downbeat. Nice interplay amongst several guitars, and the bass is placed so well in the mix...adding just the rhythmic impulse to push the song along. (I don't know how long the track is because there's no counter and I didn't look at the clock, but it's, well, pretty long! As an instrumental track, though, it would work really well in a lengthy cinematic application.) The whole thing is gentle and hypnotic and extremely well played and produced. What a fine listen, indeed.
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Ed Hannifin said 704 days ago (November 19th, 2017)
Thank you again, Paul...
I appreciate that you took the time to listen. The piece IS long, and doesn't have much in the way of conventional dynamics. I made the darned thing, and I don't think I could listen to it in an intentional way without my attention straying...For me, the effect ends up being low grade hypnotic, although you CAN dance to it, or at least sway to it, a little...It was interesting to me in that as I began each track I usually didn't know what I was going to do; I just did something and saw how it came out...It ends up being one of the least intentional musical things I've ever ended up doing, and I think I like it as much for that reason as for any other...I do appreciate that someone with your command of musical language found something in it to enjoy...
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pablatone said 703 days ago (November 19th, 2017)
very nice groove Ed.
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Ed Hannifin said 703 days ago (November 20th, 2017)
Thanks, Paul...
I'm surprised it ended up with a groove, starting from a single oscillating tone, but it did somehow...

I appreciate that you gave it a listen...
Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
Philip18 said 703 days ago (November 20th, 2017)
Chime (Alone)
I like the tone of the guitars and the flow of the music. I must admit I just sort of had it on as I did other things, but it's relaxing.
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Ed Hannifin said 703 days ago (November 20th, 2017)
Thank you, Philip...
One of the areas of experimentation for me with this one was that it's the first and so far only time that I did all the guitars "in the box," using just the Logic Pro X amp types. They have some nice, clean, Vox-y ones with neat tremolo and reverb sounds in there, that also ended up sounding far more spacious than I expected...Some Fender and Supro-style emulations as well...

This one grew on me over time doing things the same way, just having it play in the background while I typed or read or puttered...

Thank you again for listening and commenting...
Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
Cori Ander said 702 days ago (November 20th, 2017)
Soft cool gentle soulful ...
in short everything I like!

Would love to also hear your voice in this landscape. Singing, or even talking, ingeniously touching insigts from everyday life, as we've got used and blessed to get from you.
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Ed Hannifin said 701 days ago (November 21st, 2017)
Thanks, Johannes!
I'm thrilled anything I've done with guitar meets with your approval.

I don't think I'll use this particular one, but I was actually thinking of doing a sort of 'sound painting' along these lines with a spoken word poem over it, like the 'Dream' one you did with John Katchoolik years ago...

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
Loob said 702 days ago (November 20th, 2017)
3 D indeed!
I am getting into Logic Pro X myself. Love the FX! Nice arrangement! Great mix! Enjoyed!
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Ed Hannifin said 701 days ago (November 21st, 2017)
Thank you for listening...
I have to remind myself, as I covet gear and plug-ins and whatnot, that there are capabilities built into Logic that I haven't even touched yet...compression, equalization, reverbs, instruments...

I'm very glad that you enjoyed this... Thank you for leaving a comment...
Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
FEEL said 702 days ago (November 21st, 2017)
Nice mix
clean and pleasant to the ears. love the effect your using, some nice and slow and fine chops to.
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Ed Hannifin said 701 days ago (November 21st, 2017)
Thank you, John...
I'm happy with 'clean and pleasant'. Every effect is from the Logic Pro amps (and pedals, I suppose, but mostly the amps)...I'm pleased to get some guitar props from you...

Thank you for listening and commenting...I just saw that you put something up today...I WILL get over for a listen after work...
Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
Vic Holman said 697 days ago (November 25th, 2017)
and then here's the flip side.
this works out very well also. the delays have more room to breathe on this version
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Ed Hannifin said 696 days ago (November 26th, 2017)
I have to remind myself...
...that, compared to just about everything else I've done, I think this has the fewest tracks... It's deceptive...and I think the vibrato/tremolo, reverb and bouncing delays, coupled with the natural chimey-ness of the Telecaster and the electric twelve string, makes it sound bigger... I think you're right about the 'room to breathe', although in the other version i think the drone is a sort of 'glue'...so on alternate Tuesdays I'll prefer one or the other...

Thanks for visiting both of them, Vic...
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Macaudion said 646 days ago (January 16th, 2018)
It sounds like Mr. Sir is just jamming his soul out. Makes me want to play along. I may even ask your permission to play along in some way. Just doing some catch up while trying to get back into the swing of things and thought to make this a first stop. Thanks for putting this out, Sir. Dion
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VicDiesel said 579 days ago (March 24th, 2018)
Echoes of a drone gone by
This is really nifty stuff. You're right about the headphones: the stereo delay is quite cool to listen to. I'm also digging the very gradual build-up with the humming vocals.
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Mike_Lynn said 433 days ago (August 17th, 2018)
Masterful guitar playing. Excellent mixing.
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SISTERS said 191 days ago (April 16th, 2019)
Hypnotic IS a Genre
Ed - is this really YOU? So different from the music I heard you do a hundred years ago :) I gotta say, a Hypnotic groove ALWAYS works for me, as i adore being taken over gently, almost insidiously - isn't that what hypnotic is? And if the groove isn't right, it won't BE hypnotic. I think the math works out just right here - i salute your creativity in new directions!
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jiguma said 184 days ago (April 23rd, 2019)
Sorry for missing this Ed
So, when you say it's Bryn's drone piece without Bryn's drone, what you're saying is that it's all you, inspired by Bryn.
I really like the jangly Byrd-like bits and the neat production.
I think you've made something really interesting here Ed, and am surprised you were able to maintain interest over 20 minutes.
Now, where's my yoga mat?
Cheers from Oz,
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