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the thief



 Genre: Acoustic

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came out of listening to Alison Krauss and Union station. I'm not an enormous fan but she produces absolutely crystal clear sounds. Since being at MacJams I'm gradually learning to hear what makes a good production. She's a little too clean for my tastes but she builds lovely quite complex stuff out of well executed simple elements, which is what I tried to do here.
Really appreciate guidance and feedback, thanks in advance for listening.
Thanks to "oxmusexo" for the creaking door and "breviceps" for the owl hoots - both from freesound.org
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KCsGROOVE said 26 days ago (June 25th, 2019)
the thief
Cool, relaxed vibe here
I like it!
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charlieknight said 25 days ago (June 26th, 2019)
thank you KC
relaxed vibe was not exactly my aim, more creeping angst! but i get what you mean as far as instrumentation is concerned. :)
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DWL said 25 days ago (June 25th, 2019)
Got the clarity
An interesting mix.

It works really well. Understated.

Lovely little snippets of melodies. Slide, accordian?


Dick (another old bloke seeking redemption from a career in IT at a bank)
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charlieknight said 25 days ago (June 26th, 2019)
thank you Dick
its not actually an accordion its actually the "Whiter shade" organ on GB. I really want a Midi accordian, but have been unable to find one.
Wow you also spent your adult life looking at numbers on dusty screens? Sorry to hear that. In "Travels with my aunt", Graham Greene's protagonist laments that as a boy growing up, he retained a fear of the dark and what might be under his bed, when what he really should have been afraid of was waking up one day to find himself 50 year's old and working in a bank! - which is of course exactly what I'm trying to get at in this song
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DWL said 25 days ago (June 26th, 2019)
I don't knock it too much as it gave me a fairly comfortable living and certainly beat some of the jobs my contemporaries were doing!

Anyway, I balanced the corporate bit by being a union rep. Never quite stuck it to the man as such but I could be a pain the arse for some ;)
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Daugrin said 25 days ago (June 25th, 2019)
Thieving Guy
The Nashville tradition is to make the complex sound simple. There is plenty here to feed the heart and the head. The overall concept is strong.
Yer getting around all the components pieces effectively.
To improve this the most, the quickest, I would suggest ya work on yer vocal techniques. There are lots of tutorials on-line, and, there are in studio films as well. The vocal sound on this one is different from the last outing. Maybe the best thing to do would be to choose a singer whose voice is close to yours in sound and timber and just research the heck out of the signal chain that artist uses (or would use) on vocals.
My voice sounds like soggy geese farts anyway, so, I am free to process away with abandon. Yer dealing with solid pipes. I think ya just need some technical improvements. Keep things simple, but have a good technical foundation. That info is available online for free. Ya just have to slog through the stuff to find what will work for you and in your studio situation.

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charlieknight said 25 days ago (June 26th, 2019)
thank you as always
with your help and guidance I think I'm making progress on vocals, even singing one word at a time, where its called for. But as always you're right about this one. Looking for a breathy, under the bedclothes/paranoid sort of vibe. Maybe better to sing it straighter and then massage through eq and other processes to get the effect. I will certainly try using a vocal model as you suggest.
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Calchas said 25 days ago (June 26th, 2019)
I love the sound your getting on that acoustic guitar. Nice mixing of the doubled(?) vocals as well Charlie.


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jiguma said 22 days ago (June 28th, 2019)
the thief
Hi Charlie. I really like the laid-back vibe here, and the mix is perfect. There's a meandering feel to the structure/melody that I like a lot, and all-in-all a satisfying result.
Cheers from Oz,
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Location: bournemouth United Kingdom
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old chap seeking redemption after a career in investment banking IT. love macjams I really hope we can keep it going.... [see more]

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