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Music - RoboScott
Lyrics / Vocals - AbstractVision

Did this as a bit of a personal challenge really, after hearing RoboScotts original song ‘Boogey Man Boogey’ it fired my passion again for one of the most fantastic horror films (well in my opinion) ever made NOSFERATU. I therefore wanted to see if I could write & sing a lyric that would tell the story & also try & make it sound interesting all in the space of an established piece of music that lasted just a few minutes, well, here it is, see what you think. Have I achieved it?

My description is - It's a Narrative In A Funky/Spooky/Rock Styli & I think a style & genre all on its own, in other words DAMN ORIGINAL, so there. lol

A Big thanks goes to RoboScott for letting me experiment & play with his remarkable tune - Sir I salute your musicallity.

The whole film can be found here, I think it's the most eery film that I have ever seen! Check It Out If Your Not Aware Of It (& if you do YOU SOON WILL BE)


I have condensed the whole of the following story into a lyric in just the few minutes this song takes. So read on, digest, & then read & listen to the lyric.

Nosferatu is a German Expressionist vampire horror film, directed by F. W. Murnau, starring Max Schreck as the vampire Count Orlok. The film, shot in 1921 and released in 1922, was in essence an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, with names and other details changed because the studio could not obtain the rights to the novel (for instance, “vampire” became “Nosferatu,” and Count Dracula became Count Orlok).

Hutter is an employee at a real estate firm in a fictitious German city called Wisborg, living with Ellen, his wife. His employer, Knock, receives a mysterious letter. Knock decides to send him to visit Count Orlok in the Carpathian Mountains to finalize the sale of a house. Hutter leaves his wife with his good friend Harding, and Harding’s sister Lucy, before embarking on his multiple-month journey.

He is picked up by Count Orlok’s coach, which is driven by a strange specter that hides its face, and moves at an unnatural speed. At his arrival at the castle, whose doors open by themselves, he is welcomed by Count Orlok. His grotesque facial features hidden at this stage by his hat, Orlok initially appears to be a mere eccentric gentleman. Hutter has dinner at the castle, a bell rings at midnight and a startled Hutter cuts his thumb. Count Orlok tries to suck the blood out of the wound, before being repelled by a cross hanging around Hutter’s neck. Hutter wakes up to an empty castle with flesh wounds on his neck, which he attributes to mosquitoes.

Now Orlok has gone for his wife Ellen (who just happenes to have read the book of vampires, despite Hutter’s forbidding. She learns how to kill a vampire: a woman pure in heart must make him forget the rooster’s first crowing)

Orlok stares from his window at the sleeping Ellen. She opens her window to invite him in but faints. As Hutter leaves to get help, Orlok comes in. He drinks her blood and forgets about the dawning day. A rooster crows and Orlok goes up in smoke as he tries to escape.


AbstractVision & Roboscott from Abstractvision on Vimeo.

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Lyrics & Vocals Billy Attwell © 2008
Music By RoboScot © 2008

Orlocks coach is on the bridge at Wisborg
A strange specter rides the footplate
Hutter boards with trepidation
I wonder will this trip seal his fate?

Seemlessly speeding through the country
Up until the castles in sight
Sunlight dances on the gargoyles
I bet it looks spectacular at night

The castle doors open as if by magic
& he is greeted by Count Orlok who he percieves to be an eccentric old gentlemen
But listen on.............

That night he joins his host for dinner
Hutter nicks his thumb, upon a sharp knife
The sight of blood excites Count Orlok
But Hutter wears a cross, that saves him his life
Hutter wears a cross, that saves him his life

Nosferatu coming at ya
Changes shape to come & get ya
A whiff of smoke he’s through your door
Glides towards ya ‘cross the floor
Glides towards ya ‘cross the floor

Curtains blowing in blue moonlight
There’s a chill in the air tonight
Re-materialised at your bedside
He sucks your blood with just one bite

Nosferatu coming at ya
Changes shape to come & get ya
A whiff of smoke he’s through your door
Glides towards ya ‘cross the floor
Glides towards ya ‘cross the floor

The castles empty at first light
Our guest recalls events of last night
Finds flesh wounds behind his ear
How come he’s alive it must have been here?

But sleeping Ella had a visit last night
Her blood sucked dry & dead she lay
But fear no more you town of Wisborg
The Vampire saw the dawning of day
& now his dust blows away


AbstractVision & Roboscott from Abstractvision on Vimeo.

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