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Enough (vox/collab)

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NOTE: This is a project intended to get feedback about the creative process of musicians. Voting doesn't really apply. Please read the member profile for details!

Its been a while since the last update. Both Packo and I have been busy and time for music is scarce. Still, he managed to drop in a take on the vocals that I thought was really creative and unexpected. We thought it was a good idea to add another entry to this journal because the addition of the new vocals mark a bit of a new direction for the song concept.

If you've been following this project you are aware how the song has progressed up to this point. It has primarily been my fingers in the file with decisions influenced by comments from Packo after listening to mixdowns that I've sent him via email. After the last journal entry I sent him the Logic Express file and he took the reigns.

What this version reflects is really two things. First, Packo is a much better vocalist than I am and he can invent and execute things that don't even occur to me. His vocals add much more character to the song than my earlier cuts. Second, the song is becoming more than the idea of one person. Actually trading the file allows Packo to take the initial work and add his own inspiration and creativity to result in something unique to our cooperative effort.

The new vocals suggest some additional changes that might be made to the song structure, so we have some more work to do before arriving at an end product.

For all of you who have worked on a collaborative song, I'm curious how you found the cooperation impacted the song writing process. Were you surprised? How did the contribution of your partner(s) affect your relationship to the song? Were there creative tensions?
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Enough should be enough for me, If its true the best things are free.
Spend my life. Feed those needs, That I have been given.

Body counts. Corporate gains. New and improved but it tastes the same.
Another pill might ease the shame, A shallow incision.

Its how you look, not what you feel. Wounds are getting harder to conceal.
Fake a smile, the pain is real, A constant distraction.

Bleed 'em dry, yeah make 'em sweat. Haven't squeezed out that last drop yet.
Tell a lie, feed mounting debt. A life paid in ransom.

I don't need to swallow this lie.
Take what I need. Spit out the fear and hypocrisy.

Greed. Consumption. Life is a test.
I'm not dead yet. I'll never pay my pound of flesh.

Play on words, prey on fears, Tell us everything we want to hear.
Truth is lost but the message clear. The price of inclusion.

I try to stop, to disbelieve. But the silver tongue licks so eagerly,
Open wide, extract the fee. Inject your delusion.

Another pimp finds another whore. And every trick you turn leaves you wanting more.
An empty life and an open sore, Designer pollution.

Shut it out and look within. Spit it back and tear it up and start again.
Greed is fear and mortal sin. Find absolution.
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iMac 800mhz, Ibanez RG
Logic Express 7.0
said 5205 days ago (April 19th, 2005)
Too bad...
I'm voting anyway. 4 x 9. Favd. DL.
chikoppi_journal said 5204 days ago (April 19th, 2005)
WAIT! Write about your own experience!
Thanks a ton for the votes of confidence, but this journal project isn't about this particular song! (We're a long way from finished yet, so votes and downloads are a little premature anyway.)

The idea here is to expose the process of song writing throughout various stages and to get people talking about their own methods and experiences. If you visit the "chikoppi_journal" member page you'll find a development history of this song with commentary and samples along the way.

Please add some notes here about your own experience with the collaborative song writing process or visit other stages of the journal to discuss song concept, lyrics, chord structure, arrangement and so on.
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Tom Atwood said 5204 days ago (April 20th, 2005)
WAIT! Write about your own experience!
My own experience with collaboration has been limited. For years now almost
everything I have recorded has been me playing different parts. The
collaboration with kcsaito on Summer Place was the first time I handed over a
piece to someone else (although since it was a jazz chart it seemed a logical
thing to do). I needed Saito to do something I could not--play a lead for what
I had written. What I found is that in addition to letting go of complete control
of the piece (new for me), I was able to enjoy his work, feel 'proud' of it
almost as if it were my own. I think it would be more difficult to collaborate
on lyrics.
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aclarke said 5204 days ago (April 20th, 2005)
by your original post I chose to undertake a project of my
own using an existing but uncomplete song (Right On
Time). The idea was for me, as someone pretty new to
music production, to try and make the song dramatically
better. I took advice and recommendations from each of
the submitted song comments to improve the song at
each step. Interestingly, by the time I got to the (fourth)
last version it had turned into a collaboration of musical
and production skills between myself and three other

So I wound up taking an unorthodox approach and wound
up getting a song that I'm very proud of. The best part
was seeing how this song progressed along the way and
seeing how the contributions from the other collaborators
added to and helped mold the tune.

Brian- thanks for starting this project. It's great to see
how others approach their art. Looking forward to future
postings and eventually a new Tense song from this!
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fishnugget said 4644 days ago (November 1st, 2006)
Extremely Cool
Very nicely done! Killer vocals and nice nasty guitar tones.
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