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 Genre: Pop (mainstream)

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The 2nd of O-Zone's work. Made it when I'm wandering around the way of my life. So we call "Shinkirou", Japanese name of "Mirage".
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All Lyrz are in Japanese.
Original one is here :
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Uploaded: May 05, 2005 - 12:22:43 PM
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White Hawks said 5163 days ago (May 6th, 2005)
very kewl work
very very very cool work. but why is it Explicit content?

thanks for sharing!

- Hawks
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mino said 5163 days ago (May 6th, 2005)
Thank you for the comments, White Hawks. But sorry i didn't know the Explicit things. If it's on, does it mean i can share my works??
oops, i think of saving it by myself as an author...
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White Hawks said 5161 days ago (May 7th, 2005)
sorry for that i'm late for replying you. "Explicit" content means. The song
includes some bad content, for example violence, bad words, or sexullity. ok?

Friends! Macjammers! Countryman! Lend me your ears!
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mino said 5160 days ago (May 8th, 2005)
i understood, so i don't need to label the Explicit sign. :)
BTW, if possible why don't we link together? (My Fans? My Favorites? or

_/_/_/ mino
_/_/ http://3w.to/mm
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Darklighter said 5145 days ago (May 24th, 2005)
Cool mino :)
This is your most professional sounding track so far. Nice
mix. I would like to know what the lyrics mean though :(
Look forward to hearing more from you, but you must
save some artwork for me :P
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mino said 5131 days ago (June 7th, 2005)
Cool mino :)
thank you Darklighter. i'm really happy you say so... i'll keep up better ones
if i can spend more time on it. not only on my artwork. :-D

_/_/_/ mino
_/_/ http://3w.to/mm
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DJ Squirrel said 5135 days ago (June 2nd, 2005)
I could see this during a solemn moment in an anime! Nice job.
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mino said 5131 days ago (June 7th, 2005)
thx DJ Squirrel. I'm honored with your great message. yes sounds like the
one in Anime scenes... but i'll make it more alike! Keep in touch plz!

_/_/_/ mino
_/_/ http://3w.to/mm
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rmaclema said 4895 days ago (January 28th, 2006)
nice melodies
Nice melodies in this track. There's a high pitched whine sound that
comes in and out of the track, most noticeable about 1/3 of the way
through the track. Not sure what it is - sounds like a sound card
artifact or something. I'd track that down and eliminate it. Guitar work
sounds really nice - sampled guitar? It sounds cool. Some crackling
sounds in the mix about 75% of the way through. I'm just nitpicking.
You can hear the high pitched whine sound I'm referring to at the very
end of the song after the instruments go but before the track ends. I
think the difference between where this track is at and the next level is
just cleaning up some of the audio stuff that I mentioned. The whine
should be easy to find because it's so clear at the end of the track - I'd
loop that measure at the end where it's most noticeable and I'd solo
each track until I found it. Sorry - not sure if you wanted all this
production commentary! I tend to ramble. It's a great track. I'm just
anal about audio stuff.

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Eve Chung said 4801 days ago (May 2nd, 2006)
It's a nice song.
After you let me heard this song, I think you should make more songs.
Even though, it makes me hard to think that is your voice. Haha~~~
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