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The Rain and the Blues

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A Chicago style blues with the Drunken Crawfish Band. I would like to thank the fellows for crawling just the right amount on this song.
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Some people think the rain brings on the blues, they don't realize that it makes their food. And most of us really, yes we really like to eat, So I'm gonna go plant some seeds and wait for the rain to make them grow.

Well I've been busted, and disgusted, yes I was covered with shame.
A young soul in an old body, traveling the road of I'm to blame.
No excuses to be found, just reasons to cry.
I put one foot forward and took another step back, it was all I could do
Right and wrong were running through my mind
No comfort in the day and twisted dreams screaming in the night

Well I held my head high, knowing who I was and what I lacked
And that voice inside my head, that said I should be dead,
I ignored it one more time and kept on keeping on.
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Tom Atwood said 5149 days ago (May 11th, 2005)
Message blues
I appreciate the lyrics and sentiment of this laid back
blues. Really enjoyed the pace. I think some other
members of the Drunken Crawfish Band may have been
imbibing, too, but overall it contributes to the unhurried,
no-place-to-go, already-there feel of this piece.

p.s. If I am your manager, the band is in real trouble!
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bronco said 5149 days ago (May 11th, 2005)
Message blues
Well first of all, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I don't have anywhere
to go except maybe out to buy a new chair as this one is shot. Secondly, the
position of manager of The Drunken Crawfish Band is strictly an honorific title
which caries no remunerations of any kind except to waste your time
listening to these songs. As with Carmine, if you feel you must leave the band
we will understand. I am sure there are plenty of managers who will apply.
Wait, who's that on the phone? Victoria Gotti!!! Oh no, have we fallen this low.
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said 5148 days ago (May 12th, 2005)
Yes, Better without the old drum track
I'm sorry to hear about Carmine.
bronco said 5148 days ago (May 12th, 2005)
Yes, Better without the old drum track
Don't worry about Carmine, Mungo. He will be fine. He just needs a lot of
TLC. Get enough red pepper in someone and it will cure anything!
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Del said 5147 days ago (May 12th, 2005)
From someone still fighting off the white coats at the
doorway, the blues rule. Not enough of them on these
pages, too much of them in life.
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bronco said 5147 days ago (May 13th, 2005)
Just heard your latest . . . Wow! Excellent stuff, I'm glad I found it.
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snowdragon said 5146 days ago (May 14th, 2005)
Hey Bronc
I think this one overall works better than the version with
drums but the drums were a nice touch. Could it be that
they were added afterward? I only ask because I've found
that I have to start with the drum track if I'm going to use
one. Regardless, enjoyed the tune.
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bronco said 5146 days ago (May 14th, 2005)
Hey Bronc
The drums , bass and piano were a midi that I converted with the Dent Du
Midi application. I set the tempo the same as they said the midi was. But
anyway it must have been some kind of translation problem. Appreciate you
coming by anyway and giving it a listen.
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eleveneyes said 5145 days ago (May 14th, 2005)
sorry to tell ya....
i don't think your timing problems can be blamed
completely on Carmine. plus, how can you bad mouth the
guy when he's ill. alcoholism is a disease - a serious
disease, that i didn't even know Crawfish could get. Love
the sound of the vocals. at first i didn't like the chorus on
that rhythm guitar put i guess i makes it sound wetter that
way, and rain is wet and i like to eat, yes!
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thetiler said 5135 days ago (May 25th, 2005)
listening . . like those blues
Your voice sure has a trademark here at MJ.
Like your well crafted bluesy leads. I like that impromtu
thing like "play guitar" little things like that had nice flavor.
Again, your voice is just spectacular for the blues.
You have the gift.

Thanks so much for sharing
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